Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Energy Transfusions In Attempt at Healing Earth & Polar Shift

I'm a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a certified Shaman Apprentice who was taught to safely walk and work within 3 Spiritual locations, performing in-depth soul work on behalf of clients in any of these worlds. This work is based on polarity and duality, as well as neutrality.  I hold the title 'The Human Activator' due to my entire functionality and focus of my Spiritual work becoming aimed toward others, rather than myself.  I am this lifetime's Ascension expert holding Ascension Mastery within my being as well as all other work I've done.  I am in Nirvana, am a walker within worlds who lives here while also concurrently existing as a Spiritual being existent in the Divine Plane and fully obtained expression as my Divine self in my 3rd completed Spiritual journey.

When my abilities no longer ran through me, the being I was assigned to assist me with sending the services out to others is Universe.  I do this with my own intent for result, or outcome for others to inherit along with a stated command.

Using this as my means of delivery of everything that I offer, I developed programs for every Spiritual service  as well as use it to custom create new ones when a need arises.

I am a Multidimensional channel, express 6 of my most relevant past life essences and awareness at times when they need to convey a message or for higher teaching purposes.  I possess an ability called Osmosis, send out as a Guru via Shaktipat and  any of what I myself know and possess to others and this gives them a Spiritual Jumpstart.

I work with a group of beings known as The Ancient Ones, have a guide from the Causal plane who comes in both human and dragon appearance who told me in a channeled session once that in one of my lives, we were best friends.  His name is Jai.  There is a religion called Jaiism.  It's of western descent.

I was also told that I was very long back co-created by Yahweh and a close and trusted Divinevfamily member and by Them, I was given Divine characteristics within myself that They admired about each other.  I reflect these, that authority or status and position while also living this simple existence.

  I hold alignment to 150 million different layers and frequencies and apply these to my services to make the results even stronger or to ensure better results for clients.  Spirit lets me sense when to do this for someone, as well as what to apply and what result to specify.  I have achieved 3 higher stages of enlightenment, have the ability to work on other's behalf that most are restricted from doing.

I developed soul migration and bilocation and my service called Guided Spiritual Journeys became me bringing others into the Divine Plane and allowing them to MEET and TALK TO and DIRECTLY ENCOUNTER Yahweh and the other higher beings I talk about so often.

Until this lifetime, Kundalini Rising takes a long time to occur, so does Ascension, in the 1950's, Ms. Alice Bailey taught about the Planes of Existence but thought the Divine Plane to be off-limits to any of us here who live, and common belief was that entry was strictly off-limits, unheard of, impossible and getting in meant death.

2,000 years ago, Jesus' sacrifice for all of us still only afforded ONE or TWO beings ACTUALLY finding the path to Ascension, taking it, accurately making progress, completing it, THIS giving each lifetime only one or two fully evolved beings per lifetime, UNTIL NOW.

I believe that the energetic blueprint that Earth was built with has seen so much negative thought for lifetimes and that this overwrote many positive circumstances with primarily negatively-aligned frequency, compromising our experiences and the conditions that we live now, from what was originally intended and created.  I also believe that this was possible due to such a lack of true and actual accurate higher aligned Spiritual work.

Lasting damage to Earth, to Earthly frequency, to Earthly polarity will need to be repaired much the same as when an individual is harmed or compropmised within their essence.  How does one go about Healing the underlying soul and Spiritual damage that's occurred?

I'm hoping very sincerely that my role in this matter is going to higher dimensions and transferring untampered with, uncompromised energy into Earth, that doing this has the potential to increase rate and frequency, correct polarity shift back to positive.

If not, it means that I can't do it alone and it would require more of us joining and trying these energy transfusions to attempt increase in alignment and polar shift.

Other than being allowed to bring improvement alone, it would be necessary that others willfully embark on their own Spiritual journey--not just anyone is prepared to do that, which means nothing improves, things remain the same....

Love and Light to you and yours, M

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