Tuesday, January 12, 2016

METHOD: Become Your Own Worst Critic

It's NOT and NEVER WAS anyone's position or vantage point to judge ANYONE ELSE besides ourselves.  It also is one of the most common anchors or blocks to progress.

I've watched as countless good people wrapped their belief system around a false belief that it's okay for looking at others in a scrutinizing way and, in a short matter of time, negativity pours off of them, there is negative influence that causes this belief, then from within, proceeds to tear down their entire circumstances.  They fall on their faces, some lower being got satisfaction of harming an otherwise good person who they tricked and their entire life circumstances suffered due to them being who initially CHOSE to do that, believing themselves to SOMEHOW hold an authoritative position to place any form of judgement or criticism on anyone else.  It never was, never will bebokay for anyone to look anywhere and judge harshly, except for WITHIN.

By getting started on your own Spiritual path,
--you are REALLY telling YOURSELF to look further, deeper and closer within at what you find when looking at ALL of yourself and by being your OWN harshest critic, you will avoid the risk of overlooking anything that may prevent your making actual progress.

Look closely, form opinion but remain open to adopt new and different beliefs at any moment. Hold nothing in place without being willing to test it for accuracy and positively aligned frequency, be brutally honest, accept that there will definitely have been mistakes, things you had no control over or just didn't see at the time, don't blame others for your choices because life IS choice-based and it TRULY IS our choice, PROVIDED it is OUR LIFE we are making choices about!

Noone chooses for anyone else at the very core of ourselves unless we allow them to!

You may have good intentions, and may think that you are genuinely helping that person by becoming the eyes that see what they've somehow overlooked.  I know you are concerned, I know you feel that saying something they may not want to hear might give them the motivation they need to go about righting the wrongs that have occurred from mistakes they might have made.

Have you ever had someone point out what they felt were your flaws or rubbed it in that your mistakes were stupid and your struggles are what you brought on
YOURSELF, by making the choices that you did.   Doesn't feel good, does it?   Some people are vindictive and spiteful and feel like less but make themselves seem like they think so much better of themselves and deceive everyone about their own shortcomings and by causing otbers harm, making them feel bad about themselves or their life is the way to satisfy the emptiness within themselves.  It's not uncommon to come across people who behave this way.  It's that they are filled with unpure and lower intent for others.  They want to make otbers feel how they truly feel within.  There are many terms for this type of behavior, slang, swear words, but the TRUE term is lower aligned being.  They inflict pain, doubt, fear, indecurity, regret, etc.  They are loaded with negativity and misery LOVES company!

We've all had the negatively centered and all too willing to gloat person pretending to care about us, but portraying themselves as having it all figured out and all togethet and project their well-intended advice from the flawless and mistake and error less perfect position on that pedestal and the mirage of having it all together :-) ´, painting a picture of a perfect existence while gloating at your life's moment of turmoil, confusion, doubt or disaster and all to satisfy their own negative intent at someone else's expense.

Wrap your mind around what I've just told you about it being a matter of individual choice whether someone ever takes up their own Spiritual path, or not.

Think of the MUCH bigger picture
--individual choice AND collective choice--that outweighs the vibratory rate and frequency that the Ascended Master for each given lifetime would obtain and achieve by fully completing their Spiritual work and look around at the current state
of the world.

  The majority of people have decided to never bother with soul matters and introspection.  

Now, in the grander scheme of things, realize that it has always been the collective's combined and united decision to leave life just as it has been--to not even bother to try to change things or go against the status quo Remember, there is NO right or wrong determination--it truly is up to each and every one of us.  We have control over whether things ever improve for us or to leave things as they are.

Still doubting the notion that we are in complete and total control of how our lives unfold?   It's something to think about.

Let me show you.

Love and Light to you and yours,  M

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