Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Preventive Maintenance Sessions for Everyone

Daily life, events, circumstances that are problematic, challenging, stressful to us do take a toll and can cause long-term damage to several key factors that have large roles in the Spiritual journey as well as in the wellness of our physical bodies.  Not surprisingly, negatively aligned people that we come into contact with has the tendency to give us symptoms within a matter of moments.

 Imagine, then, the human race and the multitude of people who might be aligned negatively and JUST WHAT would be affected by such an overwhelming number.  The answer, in reality, is ALL of those who are NOT negstively aligned would suffer reactipns, symptoms.  EARTH, itself, would be affected as well.  Healing humans of exposure is ONE thing.  To HEAL Earth means removing the continual exposure to negative energy, thought, belief, intention, behavior, and more that negatively-aligned people give off freely.  It's poured into the world on a day to day basis.  Combine that with fuel, which is negative emotional reaction, and THERE is the full reason for things being how they are in the world today.

Human healing sessions are less complex than attempting to restore more positively aligned frequency back into Earth, setting the polarity back to normal.  That's another blog.  I'll get there.  For now, here are some very effective human methods, both protective and restorative healing sessions that I offer.

The areas to maintain regularly are:  the 5 layers of the aura, the auric field, the 7 primary chakras, and meridians.

Any of these can have damage done with just our day to day circumstances due to many numbers of causes.

They can become cluttered, blocked, slowed, unbalanced, and can cause us changes to our personality and behavior, cold and flu or viruses if only a certain degree of damage is sustained.

Leaving the damage in place, long-term, with no repairs can then become more altered and serious and more chronic forms of illness and disease such as cancer can develop.

People don't fully realize that Spiritual as well as physical sources of harm and damage can be taking place in times that we are sick, and medications won't repair the Spiritual damage that we inflict at all.  Ever.

Strictly Spiritual causes have to be discovered by looking within at the damage and verifying with the client that something has recently been affecting the area that you sense, see, feel, are shown, then measures to correct and heal and reset things can be done if the client is fully willing to be healed.

Preventive sessions were created in order that damage not get that far developed that it can't be healed.

These are:  Mo's Own Chakra Balance/Cleanse Activated Healing Session

Aura Empowerment Restoration Session and Auric Field Expansion Session

Meridian Flush Level 1,
Meridian Flush Level 2
AND Meridian Flush Levels 1 & 2.

Routinely having these sessions done is preventive and keeps deep-seated and long-term illnesses and diseases much less likely to occur.

Interested in having a session to cleanse and clear any effects caused by exposure and wear and tear?

http://soulmattersspiritualservices.wordpress.com click on the page titled Custom sessions for the Chakra Balance/Cleanse session.  $250.00
Click the Reiki Healing session page for Meridian Flush healing session.  Level 1 , $50.00.  Level 2, $50.00, OR Levels 1 & 2 for $100.00.   Level 1 and 2 brings TOTAL RELAXATION to clients for 5 to 12 continual hours!!!  

And, last but NOT least, the Aura Expansion Healing session is listed on a page of pre-existent Spiritual methods.  I think I charge $250 for this session also.  You will receive cleansing and clearing and polishing of all 5 layers of the aura, individually.  The Golden Bubble of Protection is installed and acts as kevlar, and the aura is expanded to room-size to give you a wider span of shielding negativity from reaching and affecting you.

You can also order ANY of these sessions from right here.  

To pay for any service that I offer on the website, simply go to:  https://www.paypal.com, select send money, select my email address, which is:  malinahavard@gmail.com as the person to send to, specify the amount I charge for the service you want, add a note to me letting me know which session to activate and click send.  Paypal will process your payment, notify me that I have an order, and I'll contact you at the email address listed as soon as I hear from Paypal.

I'll be in touch for scheduling purposes and once we agree on a day and time, I activate delivery of the session you asked for.  

Yeah, it really is that easy!

Love and Light to you and yours, M

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