Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Soul's Memory Knows More About These Matters

For years, in everything that I do, did, am doing, will do-I place my connection to, focus, belief on  Yahweh into it.

 I was still only a psychic medium and not yet a channel, back in 2001, 2 years before sensing that I needed to shut myself off as a psychic, altogether--I had encountered Archangel Michael JUST ONCE...and upon first meeting him, he referred to me as Young One, letting me remember that we already KNEW each other, and we're close...like good friends.  It was really NEAT encountering him because I didn't fully have a visual image of him but automatically sensed WHO he was without him ever stating it.  He's part of my soul's memory.  But in our first actual encounter, I knew who he was by just feeling his energy.  It was really cool!  And, in our talk, he validated that we know each other and answered some questions I had at the time.

Remember--I wasn't a channel yet.  I had only ever been a medium.

 Mediums don't necessarily work with guides and they aren't automatically going to hold alignment within their own being to access the higher planes to work with any guide.

I was already working my way up, and he let me know that change was coming, that I had the potential to access knowledge equivalent to a huge library of information as long as I would continue working on my path.

I did continue.   I also, from that point on, held the connection to go directly to Him when I needed to.

After shutting off my existent abilities, and because I made inner improvement, I opened myself back up as a psychic about 7 months later, and learned I was a channel, instead.

  That was totally new territory for me and the FIRST THING I attempted was to find the spirit guide I was aligned with, so would have my guide to advise and teach me.  I was disappointed at first. Nothing happened.  None of them stepped up.

I was sitting at the head of my bed 3 days later, and all of a sudden. my eyes went soft and I was looking at a woman sitting directly across from me, on the foot of the bed.

It's not a feeling of fear, it's more like a heart leap reaction when they just pop in when I first encounter one that I already knew before.

I started to ask her who she was and what she was doing...and I already KNEW the answer without ever asking, I answered myself.   I know who you are.  You're my guide.

And time seemingly stops when you are connected to them, I spend hours with them...but it seems only a few moments.   Higher aligned beings do not track time, they don't measure it in their plane, in their existence, but they are familiar with it and aware of time, due to connection and relationship with us, since we do track and measure it.

I opened as a channel and met my very first spirit guide, LEN, in September of 2004.  I made more progress.

And just over a year later, I met Yahweh and knew who He was with only feeling His energy but not seeing Him, at first.

The first really significant point of that is that as a novice channel, in about a year after getting my first guide, I entered into a higher state of enlightenment called Being in Nirvana.

Nirvana is gain of a connection and relationship with God that is always there, He's within reach to me and He reaches me with new insights, as needed, as new progress occurs, etc.

In November, 2005, just about a year after opening as a channel, I aligned with the energy of the Divine Plane, and God's own essence and Light.  He became an active guide, teaching me a multitude of things, has been my advisor and given me protection and strength and calm that I couldn't find before this level of progress.  And the truth is...He came to me. He reached simply because I reached a similar frequency in myself that He accepted and was willing to allow because of my work.  It raised me more to be able to reach Him.  He reached out and let me know.

He's still also an active and participating member of my Healing team.  He will send out healing, if asked, in most cases.

He's been my friend and family member and a great joy to have near me and working so closely in my life, and in my client's lives, as well.

Really?  We know each other already.LIKE THAT, too?

That is when He told me something that shocked me...for a few moments.  I had to roll it around it around in my mind a little, to decide what I thought I would remember.

He said:  yes, we already know each other...in fact, you and I go a long WAY back.  We're old friends.

Okay...I wasnt really expecting THAT.  
We dialogued back and forth for several hours, it had to be that night and every night for 3 weeks and He was telling me things that pertained to my history and my beliefs that I held, but wasn't certain about and by doing this, He familiarized and exposed me to His light, love and
intent for me, as well as for all of us.

There is MUCH to learn and grow and improve in working close with Him and in the other beings before Him.

There is a popular quote by Woody Allen that sums up my experiences and our working relationship just so.

It goes:  "if you want to give God a good laugh, tell Him your plans for your life."

That's very real and right on target, and I know Woody Allen knows this in his own encounters with Yahweh, simply because He does have a greater plan for us than we do, and it was my experience that He and I discussed His idea in detail.  Mine was not quite as good.  Very true...

Love and Light to you and yours,  Mo


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