Tuesday, January 12, 2016

You Expect Me to Deliver What? NOT With THOSE Thoughts!!!!

To create, manifest or attract certain things to your life,  positive thinking is necessary along with filtering out as much negatively aligned thoughts as possible.

  Negative thought blocks progress of what you choose to experience.  Negative slows and syagnates your creation attraction efforts at creating by talking aloud,stating whst I want help with from my team members.

In a specific example, say that I want to win big at lottery and I am trying to bring it about with Universal laws and specific methods.   First, doubt, fear of not winning, reaching out of desperation and struggle and holding your focus on lack is NOT going to bring the desired results.

What you think needs to be clear of limitation restriction or blocked progress.

It would be so great if I were to play my numbers and win a jackpot payout! We would celebrate our financial security as a blessing from God and send thanks out throughout the entire Universe and throw a huge celebratory party with loved ones.

A nice thought, and also a plan centering around the culmination of that intention of bringing it to your life...clean, clear, no blocks, no limits placed on it.

You may have doubt or fear of it not coming about.   That can't be allowed to overstep and destroy what you seek...

So, if doubt creeps in, say i can do it, i have always felt it would be something I have happen.  It does feel very nice to be able to comfortably live without the burdens of stress worry  and lack.

An actual focus on yourself with a worry-free and secure situation.  Fuel these with emotional reaction to winning--extreme joy, glee, excited as all getout, screaming and yelling, the happy dance to the thought of financial freedom and stability...and find ways to get into those emotions and FUEL the entire thing with positive emotion surrounding this entire mindset, and keep letting it be a thought that you reflect upon repeatedly.

If there is unhappiness or other negative EMOTION or limited thinking, shift it uuntil you feel good again and remember that this will work, if truly applied, based on one important factor.

Universe can only deliver to us based entirely on our thoughts, beliefs, mindset, emotions....and the input of these throughout your life.

Wake up in the morning and recall the whole scenario of celebrating your windfall via lottery and that first reaction would be highly energetic and positively aligned and this can become a refresher feel good thought to put you back into your positive expectancy, grateful, thankful, reaching out to God and giving thanks and love...and feeling so great....

The emotional reaction
FUELS the thought.

Trust in the laws as they are fixed and constant and do not shift.  EVER.

That which you are primarily sending out into universe is what you will receive.  Continue to focus on it throughout your day, giving thanks in advance for your received results, have joy in your heart as if you just won already and feel how you would and act on it.  Emotions bring thoughts into being.

See yourself already financially stable, secure, satisfied and happy with what life has become due to winning lottery.

Do this as often as possible and write your mindset into being more highly aligned.  Keep feeding it.

Repetition becomes habit, they say, in 21 days that a bad habit can be erased and replaced with something else and this is done by continual focus and effort at correcting things.

   By setting positive focus in place, it is my belief that what you are placing deliberate focus on, the act of thinking it more easily will become 2nd nature and a bit less effort will be needed in the future to repeat think it and send out to universe positive emotion giving fuel to this set of circumstances that you established as the substitute for a less ideal mindset and set of beliefs by making yourself focus on this instead of others to begin with.

Write in your own intent or what you want to bring into your life, base it on the concept and format as this sample one made toward lottery manifestation.  It's merely an example of how and where to place thought, intent, belief, expectancy and how to fuel it with emotion.

Using this example, you can ovetwrite negative thought bad habits into the thought belief mindset of choice, filling in a positively aligned substitute.

Good luck with your own manifestation efforts.

Love and Light to you and yours,  M

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