Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Energy Transfusions In Attempt at Healing Earth & Polar Shift

I'm a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, a certified Shaman Apprentice who was taught to safely walk and work within 3 Spiritual locations, performing in-depth soul work on behalf of clients in any of these worlds. This work is based on polarity and duality, as well as neutrality.  I hold the title 'The Human Activator' due to my entire functionality and focus of my Spiritual work becoming aimed toward others, rather than myself.  I am this lifetime's Ascension expert holding Ascension Mastery within my being as well as all other work I've done.  I am in Nirvana, am a walker within worlds who lives here while also concurrently existing as a Spiritual being existent in the Divine Plane and fully obtained expression as my Divine self in my 3rd completed Spiritual journey.

When my abilities no longer ran through me, the being I was assigned to assist me with sending the services out to others is Universe.  I do this with my own intent for result, or outcome for others to inherit along with a stated command.

Using this as my means of delivery of everything that I offer, I developed programs for every Spiritual service  as well as use it to custom create new ones when a need arises.

I am a Multidimensional channel, express 6 of my most relevant past life essences and awareness at times when they need to convey a message or for higher teaching purposes.  I possess an ability called Osmosis, send out as a Guru via Shaktipat and  any of what I myself know and possess to others and this gives them a Spiritual Jumpstart.

I work with a group of beings known as The Ancient Ones, have a guide from the Causal plane who comes in both human and dragon appearance who told me in a channeled session once that in one of my lives, we were best friends.  His name is Jai.  There is a religion called Jaiism.  It's of western descent.

I was also told that I was very long back co-created by Yahweh and a close and trusted Divinevfamily member and by Them, I was given Divine characteristics within myself that They admired about each other.  I reflect these, that authority or status and position while also living this simple existence.

  I hold alignment to 150 million different layers and frequencies and apply these to my services to make the results even stronger or to ensure better results for clients.  Spirit lets me sense when to do this for someone, as well as what to apply and what result to specify.  I have achieved 3 higher stages of enlightenment, have the ability to work on other's behalf that most are restricted from doing.

I developed soul migration and bilocation and my service called Guided Spiritual Journeys became me bringing others into the Divine Plane and allowing them to MEET and TALK TO and DIRECTLY ENCOUNTER Yahweh and the other higher beings I talk about so often.

Until this lifetime, Kundalini Rising takes a long time to occur, so does Ascension, in the 1950's, Ms. Alice Bailey taught about the Planes of Existence but thought the Divine Plane to be off-limits to any of us here who live, and common belief was that entry was strictly off-limits, unheard of, impossible and getting in meant death.

2,000 years ago, Jesus' sacrifice for all of us still only afforded ONE or TWO beings ACTUALLY finding the path to Ascension, taking it, accurately making progress, completing it, THIS giving each lifetime only one or two fully evolved beings per lifetime, UNTIL NOW.

I believe that the energetic blueprint that Earth was built with has seen so much negative thought for lifetimes and that this overwrote many positive circumstances with primarily negatively-aligned frequency, compromising our experiences and the conditions that we live now, from what was originally intended and created.  I also believe that this was possible due to such a lack of true and actual accurate higher aligned Spiritual work.

Lasting damage to Earth, to Earthly frequency, to Earthly polarity will need to be repaired much the same as when an individual is harmed or compropmised within their essence.  How does one go about Healing the underlying soul and Spiritual damage that's occurred?

I'm hoping very sincerely that my role in this matter is going to higher dimensions and transferring untampered with, uncompromised energy into Earth, that doing this has the potential to increase rate and frequency, correct polarity shift back to positive.

If not, it means that I can't do it alone and it would require more of us joining and trying these energy transfusions to attempt increase in alignment and polar shift.

Other than being allowed to bring improvement alone, it would be necessary that others willfully embark on their own Spiritual journey--not just anyone is prepared to do that, which means nothing improves, things remain the same....

Love and Light to you and yours, M

2 Very Important Activation Sessions for Your Path. Email me for them

These are 2 very important sessions that I did VERY EARLY into my own path, so because they're so relavant and in an effort to allow everyone to TEST DRIVE an Activation, write me an email, tell me you want the 2 free sessions that i offer and leave me your first name and I'll state the command for your session as soon as I get the email requesting it.


love and light to you and yours,   Mo

You Expect Me to Deliver What? NOT With THOSE Thoughts!!!!

To create, manifest or attract certain things to your life,  positive thinking is necessary along with filtering out as much negatively aligned thoughts as possible.

  Negative thought blocks progress of what you choose to experience.  Negative slows and syagnates your creation attraction efforts at creating by talking aloud,stating whst I want help with from my team members.

In a specific example, say that I want to win big at lottery and I am trying to bring it about with Universal laws and specific methods.   First, doubt, fear of not winning, reaching out of desperation and struggle and holding your focus on lack is NOT going to bring the desired results.

What you think needs to be clear of limitation restriction or blocked progress.

It would be so great if I were to play my numbers and win a jackpot payout! We would celebrate our financial security as a blessing from God and send thanks out throughout the entire Universe and throw a huge celebratory party with loved ones.

A nice thought, and also a plan centering around the culmination of that intention of bringing it to your life...clean, clear, no blocks, no limits placed on it.

You may have doubt or fear of it not coming about.   That can't be allowed to overstep and destroy what you seek...

So, if doubt creeps in, say i can do it, i have always felt it would be something I have happen.  It does feel very nice to be able to comfortably live without the burdens of stress worry  and lack.

An actual focus on yourself with a worry-free and secure situation.  Fuel these with emotional reaction to winning--extreme joy, glee, excited as all getout, screaming and yelling, the happy dance to the thought of financial freedom and stability...and find ways to get into those emotions and FUEL the entire thing with positive emotion surrounding this entire mindset, and keep letting it be a thought that you reflect upon repeatedly.

If there is unhappiness or other negative EMOTION or limited thinking, shift it uuntil you feel good again and remember that this will work, if truly applied, based on one important factor.

Universe can only deliver to us based entirely on our thoughts, beliefs, mindset, emotions....and the input of these throughout your life.

Wake up in the morning and recall the whole scenario of celebrating your windfall via lottery and that first reaction would be highly energetic and positively aligned and this can become a refresher feel good thought to put you back into your positive expectancy, grateful, thankful, reaching out to God and giving thanks and love...and feeling so great....

The emotional reaction
FUELS the thought.

Trust in the laws as they are fixed and constant and do not shift.  EVER.

That which you are primarily sending out into universe is what you will receive.  Continue to focus on it throughout your day, giving thanks in advance for your received results, have joy in your heart as if you just won already and feel how you would and act on it.  Emotions bring thoughts into being.

See yourself already financially stable, secure, satisfied and happy with what life has become due to winning lottery.

Do this as often as possible and write your mindset into being more highly aligned.  Keep feeding it.

Repetition becomes habit, they say, in 21 days that a bad habit can be erased and replaced with something else and this is done by continual focus and effort at correcting things.

   By setting positive focus in place, it is my belief that what you are placing deliberate focus on, the act of thinking it more easily will become 2nd nature and a bit less effort will be needed in the future to repeat think it and send out to universe positive emotion giving fuel to this set of circumstances that you established as the substitute for a less ideal mindset and set of beliefs by making yourself focus on this instead of others to begin with.

Write in your own intent or what you want to bring into your life, base it on the concept and format as this sample one made toward lottery manifestation.  It's merely an example of how and where to place thought, intent, belief, expectancy and how to fuel it with emotion.

Using this example, you can ovetwrite negative thought bad habits into the thought belief mindset of choice, filling in a positively aligned substitute.

Good luck with your own manifestation efforts.

Love and Light to you and yours,  M

Soul's Memory Knows More About These Matters

For years, in everything that I do, did, am doing, will do-I place my connection to, focus, belief on  Yahweh into it.

 I was still only a psychic medium and not yet a channel, back in 2001, 2 years before sensing that I needed to shut myself off as a psychic, altogether--I had encountered Archangel Michael JUST ONCE...and upon first meeting him, he referred to me as Young One, letting me remember that we already KNEW each other, and we're close...like good friends.  It was really NEAT encountering him because I didn't fully have a visual image of him but automatically sensed WHO he was without him ever stating it.  He's part of my soul's memory.  But in our first actual encounter, I knew who he was by just feeling his energy.  It was really cool!  And, in our talk, he validated that we know each other and answered some questions I had at the time.

Remember--I wasn't a channel yet.  I had only ever been a medium.

 Mediums don't necessarily work with guides and they aren't automatically going to hold alignment within their own being to access the higher planes to work with any guide.

I was already working my way up, and he let me know that change was coming, that I had the potential to access knowledge equivalent to a huge library of information as long as I would continue working on my path.

I did continue.   I also, from that point on, held the connection to go directly to Him when I needed to.

After shutting off my existent abilities, and because I made inner improvement, I opened myself back up as a psychic about 7 months later, and learned I was a channel, instead.

  That was totally new territory for me and the FIRST THING I attempted was to find the spirit guide I was aligned with, so would have my guide to advise and teach me.  I was disappointed at first. Nothing happened.  None of them stepped up.

I was sitting at the head of my bed 3 days later, and all of a sudden. my eyes went soft and I was looking at a woman sitting directly across from me, on the foot of the bed.

It's not a feeling of fear, it's more like a heart leap reaction when they just pop in when I first encounter one that I already knew before.

I started to ask her who she was and what she was doing...and I already KNEW the answer without ever asking, I answered myself.   I know who you are.  You're my guide.

And time seemingly stops when you are connected to them, I spend hours with them...but it seems only a few moments.   Higher aligned beings do not track time, they don't measure it in their plane, in their existence, but they are familiar with it and aware of time, due to connection and relationship with us, since we do track and measure it.

I opened as a channel and met my very first spirit guide, LEN, in September of 2004.  I made more progress.

And just over a year later, I met Yahweh and knew who He was with only feeling His energy but not seeing Him, at first.

The first really significant point of that is that as a novice channel, in about a year after getting my first guide, I entered into a higher state of enlightenment called Being in Nirvana.

Nirvana is gain of a connection and relationship with God that is always there, He's within reach to me and He reaches me with new insights, as needed, as new progress occurs, etc.

In November, 2005, just about a year after opening as a channel, I aligned with the energy of the Divine Plane, and God's own essence and Light.  He became an active guide, teaching me a multitude of things, has been my advisor and given me protection and strength and calm that I couldn't find before this level of progress.  And the truth is...He came to me. He reached simply because I reached a similar frequency in myself that He accepted and was willing to allow because of my work.  It raised me more to be able to reach Him.  He reached out and let me know.

He's still also an active and participating member of my Healing team.  He will send out healing, if asked, in most cases.

He's been my friend and family member and a great joy to have near me and working so closely in my life, and in my client's lives, as well.

Really?  We know each other already.LIKE THAT, too?

That is when He told me something that shocked me...for a few moments.  I had to roll it around it around in my mind a little, to decide what I thought I would remember.

He said:  yes, we already know each other...in fact, you and I go a long WAY back.  We're old friends.

Okay...I wasnt really expecting THAT.  
We dialogued back and forth for several hours, it had to be that night and every night for 3 weeks and He was telling me things that pertained to my history and my beliefs that I held, but wasn't certain about and by doing this, He familiarized and exposed me to His light, love and
intent for me, as well as for all of us.

There is MUCH to learn and grow and improve in working close with Him and in the other beings before Him.

There is a popular quote by Woody Allen that sums up my experiences and our working relationship just so.

It goes:  "if you want to give God a good laugh, tell Him your plans for your life."

That's very real and right on target, and I know Woody Allen knows this in his own encounters with Yahweh, simply because He does have a greater plan for us than we do, and it was my experience that He and I discussed His idea in detail.  Mine was not quite as good.  Very true...

Love and Light to you and yours,  Mo




Some would disagree.  I know.

 I have a very powerful concept for you to read, ponder for.a moment wiith specific comparison to your own life and events that have occurred....and then realize and embrace the simplicity and real power in it and what that means to each of us.

Are you ready for this profound statement and to embrace your OWN power and TAKE MORE control over your own life?

Each one of us, as individuals, controls HOW are lives pan out SIMPLY BY the choices that we make--AND with each decision that we make, based on free will choice, quality of thought and belief that we hold AND emotional reaction or response, THAT DiCTATES where life leads us, whether we have positive or negative circymstances, if we will spend long periods of time seemingly STUCK and repeating the same circumstances over and if it ever improves at all or simply stays the same for the remainder of our life.


Stick with me here while I SHORTEN and SUM UP LIFE HERE.

Okay...here I go.  Simple.  Clear-cut. Never expect me to sugarcoat..



Jesus came here and set for us a human example of a walking talking living breathing EXAMPLE of the ASCENSION JOURNEY, ONLY HIS WAS MUCH MORE COMPLEX AND CHALLENGED SO THAT PEOPLE WOULDN'T TRY TTHEMSELVES.

It's as if we've been in a HOLDING PATTERN on this matter EVER SINCE and the result and the PAYOUT is that the world has become more unstable, violent, unbalanced and chaotic.

I'll NOW expand on that LAST statement with 3 more TRUTHS.

1.  Everyone who has ever lived on this planet, throughout mankind's ENTIRE history ALWAYS SHOULD have been working on themselves, by doing inner work toward the achievement of aligning their OWN soul to match the higher members of Spirit.

Dating all the way back to Adam and Eve and their descendants--thus the reason the archangels made deliberate effort to deliver the BOOK of LIFE to them--so they would truly understand how Earth's energy works, including knowledge of Universal law, and how Cosmos, Universe, Divinity and Earthly energies flow in relationship based on Light, alignment and frequency, or vibratory rate.   (I will explain this in greater detail later on.)

2.  The individual is solely in charge of their own life--noone else's, likewise noone can CAUSE EVENTS TO OCCUR IN ANYONE ELSE'S LIFE--UNLESS it is SOMEHOW ALLOWED.

3.  The way to achieve ANY and ALL growth, progress, and enlightenment is through Spiritual Work that the individual performs

Guess what.  Big surprise....aside for just about 1 Ascended being per lifetime, noone's done it.  We're collectively LOOPING,   that is to say HISTORY HAS KEPT REPEATING SINCE JESUS DEPARTED FROM HERE.



METHOD: Become Your Own Worst Critic

It's NOT and NEVER WAS anyone's position or vantage point to judge ANYONE ELSE besides ourselves.  It also is one of the most common anchors or blocks to progress.

I've watched as countless good people wrapped their belief system around a false belief that it's okay for looking at others in a scrutinizing way and, in a short matter of time, negativity pours off of them, there is negative influence that causes this belief, then from within, proceeds to tear down their entire circumstances.  They fall on their faces, some lower being got satisfaction of harming an otherwise good person who they tricked and their entire life circumstances suffered due to them being who initially CHOSE to do that, believing themselves to SOMEHOW hold an authoritative position to place any form of judgement or criticism on anyone else.  It never was, never will bebokay for anyone to look anywhere and judge harshly, except for WITHIN.

By getting started on your own Spiritual path,
--you are REALLY telling YOURSELF to look further, deeper and closer within at what you find when looking at ALL of yourself and by being your OWN harshest critic, you will avoid the risk of overlooking anything that may prevent your making actual progress.

Look closely, form opinion but remain open to adopt new and different beliefs at any moment. Hold nothing in place without being willing to test it for accuracy and positively aligned frequency, be brutally honest, accept that there will definitely have been mistakes, things you had no control over or just didn't see at the time, don't blame others for your choices because life IS choice-based and it TRULY IS our choice, PROVIDED it is OUR LIFE we are making choices about!

Noone chooses for anyone else at the very core of ourselves unless we allow them to!

You may have good intentions, and may think that you are genuinely helping that person by becoming the eyes that see what they've somehow overlooked.  I know you are concerned, I know you feel that saying something they may not want to hear might give them the motivation they need to go about righting the wrongs that have occurred from mistakes they might have made.

Have you ever had someone point out what they felt were your flaws or rubbed it in that your mistakes were stupid and your struggles are what you brought on
YOURSELF, by making the choices that you did.   Doesn't feel good, does it?   Some people are vindictive and spiteful and feel like less but make themselves seem like they think so much better of themselves and deceive everyone about their own shortcomings and by causing otbers harm, making them feel bad about themselves or their life is the way to satisfy the emptiness within themselves.  It's not uncommon to come across people who behave this way.  It's that they are filled with unpure and lower intent for others.  They want to make otbers feel how they truly feel within.  There are many terms for this type of behavior, slang, swear words, but the TRUE term is lower aligned being.  They inflict pain, doubt, fear, indecurity, regret, etc.  They are loaded with negativity and misery LOVES company!

We've all had the negatively centered and all too willing to gloat person pretending to care about us, but portraying themselves as having it all figured out and all togethet and project their well-intended advice from the flawless and mistake and error less perfect position on that pedestal and the mirage of having it all together :-) ´, painting a picture of a perfect existence while gloating at your life's moment of turmoil, confusion, doubt or disaster and all to satisfy their own negative intent at someone else's expense.

Wrap your mind around what I've just told you about it being a matter of individual choice whether someone ever takes up their own Spiritual path, or not.

Think of the MUCH bigger picture
--individual choice AND collective choice--that outweighs the vibratory rate and frequency that the Ascended Master for each given lifetime would obtain and achieve by fully completing their Spiritual work and look around at the current state
of the world.

  The majority of people have decided to never bother with soul matters and introspection.  

Now, in the grander scheme of things, realize that it has always been the collective's combined and united decision to leave life just as it has been--to not even bother to try to change things or go against the status quo Remember, there is NO right or wrong determination--it truly is up to each and every one of us.  We have control over whether things ever improve for us or to leave things as they are.

Still doubting the notion that we are in complete and total control of how our lives unfold?   It's something to think about.

Let me show you.

Love and Light to you and yours,  M

Preventive Maintenance Sessions for Everyone

Daily life, events, circumstances that are problematic, challenging, stressful to us do take a toll and can cause long-term damage to several key factors that have large roles in the Spiritual journey as well as in the wellness of our physical bodies.  Not surprisingly, negatively aligned people that we come into contact with has the tendency to give us symptoms within a matter of moments.

 Imagine, then, the human race and the multitude of people who might be aligned negatively and JUST WHAT would be affected by such an overwhelming number.  The answer, in reality, is ALL of those who are NOT negstively aligned would suffer reactipns, symptoms.  EARTH, itself, would be affected as well.  Healing humans of exposure is ONE thing.  To HEAL Earth means removing the continual exposure to negative energy, thought, belief, intention, behavior, and more that negatively-aligned people give off freely.  It's poured into the world on a day to day basis.  Combine that with fuel, which is negative emotional reaction, and THERE is the full reason for things being how they are in the world today.

Human healing sessions are less complex than attempting to restore more positively aligned frequency back into Earth, setting the polarity back to normal.  That's another blog.  I'll get there.  For now, here are some very effective human methods, both protective and restorative healing sessions that I offer.

The areas to maintain regularly are:  the 5 layers of the aura, the auric field, the 7 primary chakras, and meridians.

Any of these can have damage done with just our day to day circumstances due to many numbers of causes.

They can become cluttered, blocked, slowed, unbalanced, and can cause us changes to our personality and behavior, cold and flu or viruses if only a certain degree of damage is sustained.

Leaving the damage in place, long-term, with no repairs can then become more altered and serious and more chronic forms of illness and disease such as cancer can develop.

People don't fully realize that Spiritual as well as physical sources of harm and damage can be taking place in times that we are sick, and medications won't repair the Spiritual damage that we inflict at all.  Ever.

Strictly Spiritual causes have to be discovered by looking within at the damage and verifying with the client that something has recently been affecting the area that you sense, see, feel, are shown, then measures to correct and heal and reset things can be done if the client is fully willing to be healed.

Preventive sessions were created in order that damage not get that far developed that it can't be healed.

These are:  Mo's Own Chakra Balance/Cleanse Activated Healing Session

Aura Empowerment Restoration Session and Auric Field Expansion Session

Meridian Flush Level 1,
Meridian Flush Level 2
AND Meridian Flush Levels 1 & 2.

Routinely having these sessions done is preventive and keeps deep-seated and long-term illnesses and diseases much less likely to occur.

Interested in having a session to cleanse and clear any effects caused by exposure and wear and tear?

http://soulmattersspiritualservices.wordpress.com click on the page titled Custom sessions for the Chakra Balance/Cleanse session.  $250.00
Click the Reiki Healing session page for Meridian Flush healing session.  Level 1 , $50.00.  Level 2, $50.00, OR Levels 1 & 2 for $100.00.   Level 1 and 2 brings TOTAL RELAXATION to clients for 5 to 12 continual hours!!!  

And, last but NOT least, the Aura Expansion Healing session is listed on a page of pre-existent Spiritual methods.  I think I charge $250 for this session also.  You will receive cleansing and clearing and polishing of all 5 layers of the aura, individually.  The Golden Bubble of Protection is installed and acts as kevlar, and the aura is expanded to room-size to give you a wider span of shielding negativity from reaching and affecting you.

You can also order ANY of these sessions from right here.  

To pay for any service that I offer on the website, simply go to:  https://www.paypal.com, select send money, select my email address, which is:  malinahavard@gmail.com as the person to send to, specify the amount I charge for the service you want, add a note to me letting me know which session to activate and click send.  Paypal will process your payment, notify me that I have an order, and I'll contact you at the email address listed as soon as I hear from Paypal.

I'll be in touch for scheduling purposes and once we agree on a day and time, I activate delivery of the session you asked for.  

Yeah, it really is that easy!

Love and Light to you and yours, M